Client Testimonials  

"We got a huge rebate buying with Red Pear Realty, and it was so easy.  When we found our home and let Jamie know, he walked us through closing, and saved us so much money!"

- Jackie              

"I'm an investor and have done several deals with Jamie.  He's incredibly professional and understands the process from start to finish."

- Jein           

"Jamie and I got our Master's degrees in Real Estate from Texas A&M together.  I'm a commercial real estate broker, but when it came time for us to buy our home, I trusted Jamie to help take care of us.  We saved a ton of money, and I'd highly recommend Jamie to everyone!"

- Reed         

"Jamie was really thorough and helped me a lot during the buying process.  I plan on using him again in the future."

- Sahil    

"Your decisiveness and professionalism were apparent from the start.  Janet and Jamie worked hard to help us achieve our goals."

- Nathan           

"Jamie worked really hard for us when we were buying our first home.  In fact, the selling agent might have ruined the deal had it not been for Jamie.  Not only did Jamie help get us a big rebate at closing, but he also pointed out an error on our lender's part that got us all of our closing costs covered by our lender!"

- Sergio               

"We love them so much."

- Our Moms